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Personal service...

I strive to give good service, so if there is anything special you need, whether to do with a specific order or something more general, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Buying a fine art image...

Limited editions...

Each edition of an image is limited to 50 prints and 50 canvases.

Whenever you buy one, you will receive a numbered certifcate of authenticity, signed by me, the artist, (Mark) Highton Ridley.


Framed fine art

For a limited time I'm making available online my framed fine art limited edition prints (20x16in frame size): scroll and click! Note: they can only be bought via this scroller or ads you'll see on this and other sites (for an example, see my blog, top right-hand column).



On each of the image pages—the ones with the large images and their descriptions - you'll find a PayPal 'buy-me' button specific to that image. 

Clicking the button will take you to a page where you choose which size and format (e.g. canvas or print) you want—simply hit the button appropriate for your choice.


Making Payment

When you click the button for your choice, you're taken to PayPal, where they take the actual payment on my behalf.

You'll need to supply a delivery address, of course. You also get the chance to include a note about your order—maybe a special request of some sort.

When you complete your payment, PayPal sends me an email detailing your order.


Order Fulfillment

Each order is handled personally. Here's how...

When I receive the email from PayPal I reply so you know I've got it. For canvases, I pass it to my printshop who actually fill your order. They make the stretch frame, print the canvas (hand finished, giclée process) and mount it.

I produce the paper prints personally, using premier quality inks and the renowned Hahnemüle photo rag paper. Together they give a stunning quality image, rich in contrast and with deep blacks and bright highlights—and a lifetime of 150+ years.

I mount the prints on a matte with matched backing board; the whole presented in a sealed cellophane enclosure for you to take to your preferred framers.

I sign a uniquely numbered limited edition certificate to authenticate the work and send this on to you.

In either case, your order is promptly despatched to the delivery address you supplied. You should receive your piece of fine art canvas within two to three weeks of first placing your order, paper print within ten days.


Queries and customer service

Any queries you may have will be answered promptly—I prefer receiving good customer service and I like to give it, too :) 




Hanging tips...

Make sure there is enough space for a viewer to stand back and take in the whole picture.

They should be able to stand back far enough so that the image takes up at most about a third of their vision.


Make sure the image is straight in the frame and in relation to the walls, floor and ceiling.

If the walls and floor / ceiling are not square to each other, make sure that the picture is upright (as a spirit level would show).



Do note that the canvas and print sizes are not exact as some of the images are of different proportions. In all cases, though, it is the length of the long edge that is given accurately.



My business is registered for VAT and all prices quoted on here are inclusive of VAT. 

If you are from a location where UK VAT should not be charged, let me know and we'll make separate arrangements for a refund. The refund will be the difference between the VAT charged and the additonal overseas delivery costs. 




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